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Tax Credit

Many corporations are able to sponsor a Habitat home and receive tax incentives under the auspices of a unique program funded by the State of Florida, the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP). We are available to review the details of the program to determine if your company may qualify.

Approximately 95 million Americans have housing problems including a high-cost burden, overcrowding, poor quality shelter or homelessness.

This accounts for 1/3 of the U.S. population.

What is CCTCP?

The Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP) is a State funded incentive to encourage businesses that collect and remit state sales tax, pay corporate taxes or are registered as a C-Corporation to partner with those who provide affordable housing.

Scenario 1

Habitat Home appraised value of $150,000*

Land value appraised value of $30,000*


Remove Land Value to get Final Value

$150,000 - $30,000 = $120,000*


50% of this Final Value is what YOUR Company will give to Habitat for Humanity

$120,000 / 2 = $60,000*


In return you will be credited $60,000* by the State of Florida in your tax payer’s account.

Scenario 2

If you collect sales tax on the sale of your product, you remit taxes to the State of Florida.


With the same home example in Scenario 1, you would give Okaloosa Habitat a donation of $60,000* and receive a letter of credit from the State of Florida that you can use until the full $60,000* in sales tax collection is exhausted.

Being a tax paying company in the State of Florida via Corporate Taxes or the collection of Sales Tax now offers YOU the opportunity to sponsor a Habitat for Humanity Home in Okaloosa County for low income families.

*All figures are market and area dependent, they may be lower or higher than the examples used in these scenarios.


To receive a complete packet of detailed information regarding the CCTCP, please contact the Okaloosa Habitat for Humanity Office.


Nitsi Bennett, President/CEO 850-315-0025.

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